Dr. Rajendra Prasad Singh

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Singh

Dr. R.P. Singh (FNAE) is an internationally acclaimed technocrat, an administrator of repute, author of best-seller books and white papers, and is well known for his significant contributions to the Indian Power Sector. During his 50 years long career, he has served as the longest serving Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD., from 1996 to 2008. He is largely credited with turning the company into a profit making power behemoth. He served on the Board of Directors of several private corporations – Azure Global Power, JV of Larsen & Toubro and Sargent & Lundy Canada, Techno Electric, and Vijay Electricals among others. Additionally, he served as Chairperson, BOG of IIT, Guwahati and NIT, Patna, and has been on the Board of NIT , Kurukshetra and Management Development institute, Gurugarm.

His current assignments include:

Dr. Singh is globally recognized for his innovative and on-the-ground practical approach to bring economies of scale to projects and operations thereafter. The Honorable Prime Minister (PM) of India, A B Vajpayee, had publicly applauded his efforts as an example for others to emulate while inaugurating a number of PowerGrid's projects, most notably the Talcher to Kolar HVDC line in the year 2003; largest in size at that time to carry 2,000 MW , the super highway connecting East & South India; and many National Power Transmission Grid Systems and Modern Load Dispatch Centers (LDC). These were planned, executed and completed well ahead of schedule during his tenure as CMD, despite many apprehensions from national & international agencies including the WORLD BANK, ADB Etc. the financing agency. Dr. Singh took the lead in promoting interconnections of Asian countries; while the  inter-connections with Nepal and Bhutan are already operating, the interconnections with Pakistan & Sri Lanka that were planned way back in the late nineties and were on the verge of finalisation, did not kick-start due to last minute ditches.

Dr. Singh’s expertise in grid management and recovery is recognized globally. In November 2003, he was invited by the United States Department of Energy and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) following the brown-out of the Northeast ,USA due to grid collapse. He has been responsible for restoration and normalization of grid operations during many natural calamities in India, including the Orissa Super Cyclone in the year 1999. Following the Gujarat earthquake at Bhuj in 2001, Dr. Singh took the challenge of restoring damaged transmission systems in record time, and was applauded during inauguration by the PM, A.B.Vajpayee.

He is the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards including from the World Bank, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI, USA), and the prestigious SCOPE Excellence Award of GOI. Dr. Singh was Chairman of AFRO-ASIAN group of power systems in late 90’s. He was president CIGRE India ,2001 to 2004. Additionally, he was Chairman of international power systems engineers of countries that constituted more than 60 GW capacity from 2005 to 2008.

Dr. RP Singh holds degrees of Bachelors & Master of Engineering from IIT, BHU along with numerous professional honours acquired during the course of his illustrious career.